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    Why to Join Doctorstime?

    Find Doctors near you

    We have provided a simple way to search for a doctor near you. You can find a lot of essential information before you chose the doctor. Even you need not register yourself into the website at this stage. However, registering with us will help us to preserve your data for future reference and also for preserving your health records online.

    Book Doctor’s Appointment online

    You can book doctor’s appointment online yourself instantly in select cases and with the assistance of our call centre in other cases. Where instant booking facility is not available for the particular doctor, we contact the doctor you chose and keep informing you about the status till you visit him or cancel your appointment. There is also an option of “Call to Book Appt”, to make free call to Customer Support Team for assistance.

    Get Second Opinion from Specialist Doctors

    Do you have a problem that requires medical advice from a Senior Specialist Doctor? We arrange Second Opinion from Senior Specialist Doctors (presently only from Hyderabad/Secunderabad Doctors) with in 24 to 72 hours of receipt by us electronically.

    Preserve Health Records Online

    Every user will be provided with unique User Id, where user can login & save their health records like digital X-Rays, Scan reports, Medical Prescriptions etc. These records OTP protected so that unauthorized persons can access your health records. These are provided for free up to a certain limit and will be chargeable thereafter. There are family packages also. Please contact us for details.

    Ger Reminder Alerts

    Reminder alerts will be sent to the patients in the form of mails & SMS’s, to remind about their appointment or next visit to the doctor.

    Get Discounts at Hospitals

    We can help patients in getting discounts at hospitals forwarded by us. You will also be eligible for the Health Insurance benefits proposed to be introduced by us.

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